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WWW.SIVAKASI.INFO - The Sizzling Sivakasi Town's Web Portal
Welcome Guest - Sizzling Sivakasi Town's Home Page

Sivakasi, renowned the world over for its printing, Litho Presses, Safety Matches and Fire Crackers industry and now for its Educational Institutions. Sivakasi town is known for its fireworks manufacturing reputation and offset printing machines of which is has the second largest number in the world, next to Guthenburg, a city in Germany.

Sivakasi may be called as "A town of three industries", namely

Printing / Offset Printing Press

Pyrotechnics (Fire Works) & Crackers

Safety Matches & Color Matches

Till 1920 this town was in the status of Union Panchayat in G.O.No:779 dated 14-6-1920. Govt. have constituted the Sivakasi Town Panchayat as a Municipality with effect from 1-10-1920, then the Govt. appointed Revenue Divisional Officer Sri.T.S. Ramasamy, B.A.B.L., as an Ex. Officio Chairman of the Council consisting of 12 members nominated by Govt. This Nominated body was continued up to 1923-24.

From the year 1924-25 the council was represented by the elected body of the people and Thiru P.S. Ramasamy Nadar was the first elected Chairman of the Municipal Council of Sivakasi. At that time, this town was divided into 12 wards and 16 councillors. Later the Strength was increased to 24 and revising the town into 22 electoral wards with 2 reserved seats one for Schedule Caste and the other for women. The strength of the Council was further revised as 30 and the wards have been revised as 28. The Municipality attained the status of 2nd graded Municipality from 28-9-1971 and as 1st grade from 1-10-1978. The area of the Municipality at the time of constitution was 227 acres. Click here to See Sivkasi Population Details.

It is a town with a population around 1.5 lakhs and it is more known for its hard working, sports loving and philanthropic people with "never say die spirit".

There are more than 1500 match industries either of small or medium or large scale units. Out of the total requirement of matches and Fireworks in India about 85-90% of production is met by Sivakasi. Most of the manufacturing units are in small scale and cottage industries. In and around Sivakasi there are 1434 match works and 291 fire works industries. Around 373 Printing presses are located in and around Sivakasi. Thousands of workers are getting direct and indirect employment through this industry.

The name 'KUTTY JAPAN'  was given by Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru ( First Prime Minister of INDIA) to Sivakasi. Yes. The name itself tells the story....How much advance we are in Technology and dedication, commitment to our Work, Business and Quality. Size does matter here..

Keep browsing to see how we (the people of Sivakasi) achieved this and how dynamic we are in our fields of business and how innovative we are...

Sivakasi girl bags 嶡 Bharathi� award - Friday May 27 2005 00:00 IST

Ramalakshmi, a student of working children school here, was conferred with the 嶡 Bharathi� award by the Madurai Bharathi Yuva Kendra.

Ramalakshmi, daughter of Rajarathinam and Veerathal of Sivakasi, was also awarded the ᴩonal Young Scientist�, award at the young scientists conference held in Mysore in 2002.

Due to poverty, Ramalakshmi was helping her parents by affixing labels to match boxes. She was then admitted to the working children school where she attended standard IV.

At the young scientists conference held in Aruppukkottai by the Science Movement, the ﯲ manȯrlicks� that she had prepared earned for her the young scientist award.

She also bagged the first place in the competition for young scientists hosted in Thiruppur and later at the national conference in Mysore. She was presented the Yuva Bharathi award at a function in Madurai by Swami Sivananda Sundarananda Saraswathi, head of Sivananda Tapovanam.

Sivakasi's salesmen work overtime during Diwali - 11/11/2004

The Diwali sky may blaze with fireworks but it's business as usual for salesmen working in Sivakasi's fireworks units. For them, the festival of light comes only a month later - during Kaartigai.

This is how it's been since time immemorial, says A.P.Selvarajan of Sri Kaliswari Fireworks, a major fireworks manufacturer in Sivakasi.

Sivakasi takes care of 70 percent of the country's cracker needs, exporting goods all over - from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. While the bigger companies have at least a dozen sales executive in-charge of collections in the north, small and medium enterprises have the owners themselves or their sons travelling and collecting dues from retailers, a salesman said.
Last Updated : 2004/11/11. Read Full Story...

Struggling Sivakasi Printing / Color Offset Printing units
Article by Mr. S. Sundar (The Hindu)

With units mushrooming not only outside the town but also the State, thanks to technological advancements, this `Kutty Japan' is no longer the most preferred place for printing.

``Printing units in Sivakasi are silent these days,'' says A. Kumaravel, president of the Sivakasi Master Printers' Association. Sivakasi ruled the industry as long as ``artist works'' such as painting and retouching remained a secret of the town. But automation of pre-press works, with the advent of computers, has made this ``highly-skilled'' work child's play. ``With colour scanners on hand, designing is now possible just on the (computer) screens,'' says R. Chockalingam, a leading printer.
Last Updated : 2004/04/21. Read Full Story...

Defaming as a profession, to doing down businesses and communities
Article by Mr. S Gurumurthy (New India Press)

Is it time to audit Non-Government Organisations, the NGOs, as they are popularly known? They claim more credibility than elected governments. More importance than nations. More durability than families. More relevance than communities.

The word NGO, coined in the West, is deceptive. At least here, it includes Gandhi Peace Foundation to Sankara Mutt to professional social outfits seeking foreign funds. For most NGOs, being so is as much, if not more, a profession as a mission. Most of them have a global agenda. Are driven by it. Are also funded globally. Many nations even fear them as the latest weapons of the West against the Rest. They can even bring down governments. Such is their power. What can ordinary mortals do if such NGOs target them? Here is a story of a hard working community in the small town of Sivakasi struggling for survival against globally funded NGO agenda.
Last Updated : 2004/04/21. Read Full Story...

Towards universal brotherhood...
Article by Sarah Vanstone (Sivakasi Times)

Today the Hindu people in Sivakasi live with a minority of Muslims and Christians. The Hindus are very open to other religions such as Christianity or Islam, reading the Bible or the Koran, and are often known to convert to other religions. The picture Deva, a local Hindu I interviewed, painted of modern Hindus was of a dynamic and tolerant people, who are prepared to mix with other religions in order to provide better for their families. It made perfect sense to me, as economic situation is something that all families are concerned with, and so everyone is always united in their common needs and aspirations. This seems to be the key to working and living together; people connect because they are neighbours, regardless of what religion they hold.
Last Updated : 2004/04/21. Read Full Story...

"Child Labour �.? In Sivakasi fireworks factories t is a blatant lie.
Welcome to Sivakasi �. See for yourself." This is an advertisement on the Sunday Express, 3 March 2004, by All India Federation of Fireworks Associations. The advertisement continues, "We are workers� children and not working children. Every child is our customer and no child is our worker. Fireworks are made for children and not by children. If you still have doubts, you are invited to Sivakasi, the Mini Japan of India. See for yourself, interview the District Collector, Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories, Deputy Chief Controller of Explosives, and you can find that not even a single child is employed in any fireworks factory in Sivakasi. Sivakasi means Education and Hard Work. Sivakasi means Fireworks, Matches and Printing. Sivakasi means Social Services and Public Welfare Services".
Last Updated : 2006/02/25. Read Full Story...

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